St. Johns River Cruises

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Who We Are


I would like to take a moment to introduce Winkie and Ron Woxberg, your hosts and owners of St. Johns River Cruises.

When our family first moved into the St. Johns River basin area in 1979 - we quickly realized this stretch of river from Lake Harney to Lake George - was very unique.

Like the Native Americans and explorers before us, we feel a special kinship with this meandering waterway, its cypress covered shoreline, great stands of oak hammocks and myriad of birds and wildlife.

Having lived in the river basin area and enjoying, boating, fishing and camping for the past two decades, we are proud to share it with the endless stream of visitors that feel a need to experience and connect with the more "Natural" side of Florida.

So If you see us wave at a pair of nesting bald eagles or osprey, smile at a manatee mother and calf or call some of the older gators by name, just reflect on the fact that this is our tradition..... and hopefully will be for many generations to come.

Thanks for visiting with us on the St. Johns River - come back again soon.
 The Woxbergs

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