Please choose a date from the calendar below (must be later than today) in which to reserve your cruise.

There is no charge to make a reservation. You will make your payment at the time of boarding, however, we do need some information from you in order that we may contact you in the event we need to reschedule or cancel a cruise due to weather conditions or other unexpected reasons. Your information is kept private and will not be sold or given out to any other parties.

The end of November begins our busy season. Reservations are highly recommended because we sell out nearly every trip.

You also must call for reservations of more than 20 in a group. We require a minimum of 10 persons in order to do the 3:30 PM seasonal cruise in which case, if you have less than 10 people, you must call to confirm your reservation.

Blue Spring State Park
Voice: +1-407-330-1612
Voice: +1-386-917-0724
Fax: +1-407-260-8813

Our reservation system is processed by Flash Solutions, LLC and allows for real time seat scheduling. Your reservation is automatically transmitted to our ticket booth and you will immediately be sent a confirmation email to let you know that your reservation was accepted.